Meet Rejoice, one of the persons living with epilepsy and supported by Ipalo foundation program for the epileptic. She has been epileptic for 26 yrs now. Here is what she says in her own words. Thank you, our donors and partners, for helping us to give hope to the hopeless.

I started having seizures at the age of 15 when I was in grade 9. It was so bad and confusing that my parents didn’t know it was epilepsy until 1 yr after when the doctors confirmed it. I had to drop out of school because everyone around me got afraid and ran every time am under attack. No one wanted to be close to me even if am not having seizures at that moment, so I only had my family who understood and knew how to help me when it comes.
I have faced a lot of rejection, discrimination, hate and some people call me ‘’a madwoman’’, but I am just a normal person with a condition called epilepsy. It’s very frustrating because I feel so lonely, unloved, and unwanted by the community.
My family has been and are always there for me to help anytime whether am under attack or not. They have tried taking me to all hospitals and specialists, but this condition still comes so I have just accepted to live with it but it’s not easy to be me because I don’t know when the seizure will come. I feel sad and embarrassed when the attack happens in public as I only know about it after it stops. During the seizures, I lose consciousness until it’s over and is left with excruciating pain in my mouth and head.
Ipalo Foundation has been a big help with my mental health especially which helps me to be sane and they have also helped me with capital to do my business of selling freezits that way I don’t feel useless.
Thank you so much Ipalo foundation for showing me love, support, and hope.