These amazing girls will be called Angel A and Angel B for security reasons. Angel A is 12 years old, and Angel B is 9 years old, they are cousins and both doing grade 4 under the Ipalo Foundation scholarship program in Lusaka, Zambia.

Angel A’s mother is epileptic, and her father is incarcerated. Angel B’s mother is a victim of rape, who’s now a single mother. Both Angel A and Angel B are being taken care of by their grandmother who is also a widow.
Ipalo Foundation took up the responsibility of supporting these Angels with basic needs while covering their school fees and requirements. Due to their family situation, they have faced a lot of discrimination and sometimes bullying in their neighborhood which is like torture to their innocent souls. Ipalo Foundation provides counseling, mentorship and general support to the girls and their mothers/guardian. Its cases like this that make Ipalo Foundation what it is.

Angel A wants to become an accountant and Angel B wants to become a doctor. Ipalo Foundation will see to it that the dreams of these beautiful Angels come to pass of course with the help of you our donors and partners. Thank you for helping us put smiles on their faces.